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"HughesNet is an ISP of last resort"

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"HughesNet is an ISP of last resort"

Browsing through this forum and i see mostly the something over and over!!

Bad service, Slow speeds other then advertised, unlimited Internet "No hard data caps"

but when you hit your 10 or 20 or 30 or 50 gig high speed Internet limit you are limited to less then 1mb a sec download but when you really read what some moderators have posted here you and the worst offenders are your sales people say is 1 to 3 mb per second!! you can not say i am lie'ing in this part!!!

your web site says you can download netflix at 1.5mb per second!! a customer here posted and said instead of 25mb per second download speed why not just make it 3 or 4mb per second across the board for everyone???

spread it out if customers need to download big files or whatever they download have them download it in the free zone!! yup that is what i said instead of a 50gb cap make it no cap and have any big downloads done in that time frame at say maybe 10mb per second!!

"HughesNet is an ISP of last resort" one of your distinguished professors said this!!!


why cannot hughesnet make this the isp of first choice??

yes you spen alot of money putting satellite up  in space but you do make most of your money from other

entities then jane or john public

you could make the public part 3 to 4 mb per second you can and you do monitor other types of downloads

youtube, netflix, movies, audio files and so on drop them to say 1.5 to 2mb per second!!

I think if you made a form asking your customers what they could live with during home use hours like 2 to 3mb per second or 3 to 4mb per second and so on and if they could do there heavy or big downloads on a free zone time and what they could live with i think you are getting what i am trying to say here! i think you could make

hughesnet a first choice isp and not have so very many upset customers!!

the thing of it is with all the cell towers that are popping up everywhere there WILL be a day that everything

will be at a cellular level and then everyone that has had bad or slow or limited satellite service will drop your service in a HEART BEAT unless you are better then cellular

I think if you did that poll and asked your customers and you get the numbers above or close to it

and REALLY MAKE IT THAT WAY even when cellular popped up i do not think you would lose that many customers unless it is like 5g lte or 6g lte or above but at that point satellite ISP would be almost dead anyway

this is my 2 cents



Distinguished Professor IV

Being the Professor mentioned (but not named), neither HughesNet, nor any other geostationary satellite based internet, will ever be a first choice ISP.   The infrastructure cannot support the types of things that ground based services do for any decent number of people.  The throughput is far too restricted to do so.  It can be a first choice ISP when one has no option for ground based services, and that's what they try to do.  And though a LEO system would have far more satellites, it would still have a more restricted throughput than ground based systems.  If not at the time of maximum capacity, it wouldn't take long.  Ground based services can easily be upgraded to handle higher customer load.  Satellite based systems, OTOH, can't be, or at least not the satellite part, which is always the ultimate bottleneck.    


A restricted speed would have to be implemented as an option, as having the service restricted as a whole would most likely cause their customer base to flee to their direct competition in short order.  Most people, given a choice of one or the other, want the highest speed they can get, so again, the restricted speed would have to be an option that can be enabled or disabled, lest they lose too many customers to remain a viable company.  Maybe not Echostar as a whole, but HughesNet, for sure.    


In lieu of that option possibly being implemented, which would be a long time off if it were to happen, some routers have the ability to restrict bandwidth to a user set amount, so the option is already there for those who want it. 


As it stands, their next satellite launch isn't scheduled until 2021, which means that their new system may not be online until 2022.  If an option like that is implemented, it wouldn't be until at least then, as it would be far to difficult to change the existing system and technology that runs that system.  


With this said, they do take customer recommendations into consideration, so anything is possible. 

I personally and my Wife just surf the web looking for deals or info on things we need or are doing repairs and so

on house, cars but mostly shopping for things we can not get in town!

we do do alot of downloads but i set them up to download on the free zone and we have always limited to to a 3 hour max time limit we pay for that service so we try to get the most of it but we have never ever used hughesnet total fre zone time just three hours of it mostly every night but not all the time

what are kids do??? GOD know what facebook pic of are grandkids that is what put my wife over the top with hughesnet when she can not get the pics off that facebook thing "no i am not a facebook person"

then we have that **bleep** across the street that some how allways get are wifi password i do not know how he does it but he jet on them dam porn sites! we have talked to him about it over and over and all we get is F you

so i am always changing are wifi passwords now he is gone and the new people but same family

is mad at us for not sharing??? so they had to get your service and are mad at us for having to do that


so from my point of view 10 or 20 or to 50gb at 25mb per second then cut back to 1mb per second or less

i think hughes net can do better!!! even if like posted above do a poll tell your customers what your system can do what your customer base is and if you can do this or that or what ever you can do **bleep** 2mb per second is better then less then 1 mb per second but put it out to your customers email it to them or what ever have them fill out a wish list from what you at hughesnet put together and see what happens it does not hurt to ask does it?? i think all of your customers know what satellite isp is well most of us i think hughesnet will find that allmost all of us would go with a plan something like the above and if you delivered on that you would not have mad customers

like my wife asked me one time when she read you FAP she said do you know what FAP really means

           FOR ARE PROFFIT

    that is where hughesnet losses in the end no customers no proffit


not trying to make you all mad at me to keep peace in my house and have internet and against better judgment

i upgraded to your gen 5 service and bought the satellite system and now am stuck on a two year contract

and do not give me that hoola that i can leave anytime and if we did leave we have to pay $$$$ to get out of the contract

still i think hughes net can do better ask your customers i think if you put it out ther what you can really offer

at a sustaine speed i think your customer might surprize you!!!