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Connect Automatically

I access my computer remotely. Sometimes, I have to reboot remotely as well. After the reboot is complete, there is no connection to wi-if. I have the option checked to Connect Automatically, but that never happens. Therefore, I can no longer access remotely until I manually connect to Wi-Fi. Any way to fix this? I called tech support, but, naturally, they were no help. I got the usual “everything looks good on our end” reply.

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No help but some confirmation for you. I don't allow any of our wifi computers to connect automatically because of unintended consequences. I did check it out for you with my Asus laptop. I checked the box to connect automatically and then  connected to the Hughes modem 2g side . Then rebooted. It came back up reconnected to the 2g.


If there's anything else I can check for you, please let me know.



Thanks for your reply.


I’ve done that several times. Still no automatic connection. 

What do you mean by “unintended consequences”?

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The three windows computers on wifi have limited purposes with no need to be automatically or continually be connected to the internet. I do connect them by wifi for various tasks including security and windows updates. I always do this early in the morning when on Bonus Zone time.


Unintended consequences of allowing an automatically connected computer would include forgetting the date I allow the computers to run windows update. If this happened at the wrong time I could spend a few GB of the limited service plan data.

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That's definitely a strange issue, but it sounds like it might be more an issue with the computer itself and not the HughesNet WiFi. 


If it's a laptop, have you tried it at a different location with different internet to see if it does the same thing? Obviously, doing this with a desktop computer is a bit more challenging.