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Crappy tech support for slow internet

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Crappy tech support for slow internet

Long story short - poor tech support that can't seem to fix my slow internet, can't get a supervisor on the phone and apparently a genius in the billing department thinks I don't have a problem despite factual and historical data supporting my claim of slow internet.


Over a week ago I called tech support for slow internet that had been happening for about a week. After over an hour of troubleshooting, I was transferred to Advanced Support but had to wait 3 days for them to call. After over an hour of troubleshooting, speeds came up over 10Mbps download which Hughesnet considered good (despite advertising 25 Mbps download). Within a day, speeds back down. Have been running an automatic download speed test ( - same as Hughesnet tech support has had me use). Over a week of tests every 4-6 hours and I have 50 tests. 40 tests have been less than 10.  There have been 8 tests less than 1, 11 tests between 1 and 5,and 21 tests between 5 and 10Mbps. Zero correlation with time of day if thinking fast speeds were late night/early morning. So a week later I call tech support and flat out refuse to work with standard tech support as I wasn't wasting an hour or more. Told Advanced Support would call the next day. No call. I call tech support and again have to strongly push back on standard tech support wanting to troubleshoot despite my history. I ask for supervision. 20 minutes later get told there is no supervisor and they will call me back. I then call to file a complaint about poor tech support and told that complaint handled by billing. I talk to the person who takes my info, gives a case # and tells me I will be called. Being as it is billing, I ask if I get a discount for the poor service and inability of tech support to help. This billing person has the gall to tell me my speeds look fine to her, which may have been at that particular moment in time. But why is someone in billing ignoring everything I just told her and trying to tell me I don't have a problem? 

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There's reported degradation of one of the beams (Beam 68). If you're on Beam 68, that may be the cause of your issues, and if so, the engineers are working on figuring out the issue and fixing it. 


Since you haven't had luck with the phone reps, best to wait until next week so the reps here can have a deeper look at your site and see what may be going on. 


Discounts are typically not given except in rare instances of widespread issues, but that'd be up to the reps on this site to decide. 


Best of luck to you; hope your concerns get addressed speedily. 


as Maratsade said, check your beam number on your system information page.  If it's 68, I was told there is no "immediate relief".   and see my post about the new satellite launching soon. 


Thanks to both.  Checked my beam to discover it is 84.



Thank you for reaching out! I was able to find your account through your Community profile, which is great! It seems you do have a case that has been escalated, and it appears your case is being actively investigated. I'll be keeping an eye on the case, and will make sure you receive your callback from the escalation team. I looked into beam 84 as well, and it seems there's currently no ongoing issues known with that specific beam. We appreciate your patience!




I'm beginning to think speed tests can be worthless.  I have spent probably 12 hours or more over the past month or so with tech support - Level 1, 2, 3 and I guess what amounts to 4 - engineering. My modem has been replaced and a technician came out to find my dish was a bit out of alignment and some mounting screws loose. After all of this nothing changed.  My speed tests ( and Hughesnet) tend to stay about 1Mbps download with 2-3 Mbps upload. I set up to run a test very 2 hours and see most download tests at less than 2Mbps.  But sometimes I do see better - some still less than Hughesnet's goal of 15.  Sometimes I get bursts of over 25.  But what's odd is that the various levels of tech support to include engineering have had extensive problems running speed tests from their end. Most of the time they get 0.  They tell me they get zero and I run a test and get a figure (always low).  


BUT - I can stream Youtube, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime.  I can run a speed test and get less than 1 Mbps and then immediately open a streaming site and stream fine, and then immediately run a speed test and still get less than 1.  


I don't get it.