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Frustrated—No Connectivity

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Frustrated—No Connectivity

I’ve been struggling with trying to establish a connection to the internet now for two days. I’ve come here, as customer service via the telephone number provided has  historically been unhelpful.

No connection, obviously, and am only getting the power icon to light up when I resume power to the unit. No communication with receiver, Wi-Fi, etc., just power button. Occasionally, the Wi-Fi icon will flash, but all it will say is connected, but no internet.


Have tried resetting modem numerous times via instructions provided by Hughesnet. Have even gotten on the roof to check the satalite, which is secure. 

Is there any way to tell of this issue is on Hughesnet side, or do I have a faulty modem?


Have missed three days of work already, am typing this from my phone, which I had to buy extra data for, to even access this community forum. 

Any feedback or assistance would be appreciated. I am beyond frustrated.


Kristin Hess

Distinguished Professor IV

Kristin, it may be that your modem's kicked the bucket. Your best bet now is to wait for the HN reps on this site [ @Liz@Remy , @Damian ]to get involved. Leave the modem plugged in so they run remote diagnostics. 




Thank you for reaching out! Upon running some diagnostics, it seems maratsade is right in that we are going to need to try sending a new modem. I'll have the fees waived, and the modem shipping expedited, so we can make sure you get back up online as quickly as possible!




Distinguished Professor IV

N/C (I replied to the incorrect topic)