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HT2000W System light off

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HT2000W System light off

Woke up to no system light, no internet. Tech support requiring tech visit without troubleshooting. Error 12.1.19 . 

Distinguished Professor IV

Do you mean 12.1.9?


No, it is 12.1.19.  I just checked it again.  Thank you for replying.

Distinguished Professor IV

I don't think I've ever seen mention of that state code. Does the system tell you what it stands for?


Hopefully the reps on this site can give you more information about this and indicate next steps.  I hope this gets solved quickly. 

Thank you, me too. It says a transmit problem has occurred.  


Like many, I need it for work. This is a much bigger problem than just having to type slow and be patient to get around the latency.

Distinguished Professor IV

My sympathies, and fingers crossed this will be fixed right away for you. It may actually need a tech visit, but the mods here will let you know after they check. 



Thanks for reaching out! I see this is your first post. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to take a look into this for you, but I was unable to locate the account connected to your Community profile. Please send a private message to the link provided below, with your account number or a phone number attached!