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HughesNet Home Page - Constant Login

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HughesNet Home Page - Constant Login

Up until a few months ago, once I had logged into the home page I remained logged in. I have emailed twice about this but received no response (so much for the 24hour response!). I now have to login several times a day if I want to view my usage and other info. on the home page. It gets so frustrating! If an hour passes after first login in, I have to login again ........ and again, and again!


What changed and how can this be fixed?


FYI: I use FF browser, though I doubt it is a browser issue given I am not logged out of other sites I am a member of.




Distinguished Professor IV

Does it ask you to login again to get to the community's homepage (, or when you want to check your usage/account info (accessed by clicking on the links on the ribbon)? If the latter, it's probably a security measure and it may be a feature, not a issue. 

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