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Intermittent internet red code 14.1.1

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Intermittent internet red code 14.1.1

For the past several months my internet has been terrible. it either runs at 20-30mps or it stops competetly. Red code 14.1.1. I go and repower the modem. Somteimes it fixes itself after 15-20 mins. Sometimes it might take mutiple restarts over an hour or more.

I have called tech support probably 5-6 times. Each call takes close to an hour or more. One time they told me it was the modem, but they wanted to wait till it happened again. I call when it is out, and believe it or not it ususally changes to a green 0.0.0 while i am calling! Then then tell me that since it is working then, they cannot replace the modem. Amazingly frustrating.

The modem is HT2000w and new in the past year. I cannot find any loose cables.




Thank you for reaching out to us again. State code 14.1.1 means there is no connection on the LAN port or rather there is nothing plugged into the modem directly via Ethernet. This has nothing to do with the functionality of your service or performance. It will cycle between 14.1.1 and 0.0.0 which is very normal showing the system is fully operational and nothing is directly plugged in. Also 20-30mbps is well within normal speed range unless you are on a fusion plan. In order for me to take a deeper look since you mention "intermittent internet", please private message me the phone number associated with your account and I will run remote diagnostics. You can send me that information by clicking this link . While I do that, if you could explain what you mean by "Intermittent internet" that would help a lot and narrow down the problem. -Damian 

This is the 3rd reply I am trying to send.


I restarted the system around 7:15 cst, but so far it is not sending or receiving The lights are on and flashing. 


When I access the internet, I assume its via cell (usually 2-6 mbps because if I turn cell off, no internet. BUT the show everything is ok. If that just measuring the local wifi connection?

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You should remove your phone number from your post for safety/security. To do so, click the three vertical dots to the upper right of the message body, then click "Edit Reply". 


You should private message the phone number to Damian, as requested, by clicking on the link he provided.

Thanks for the heads up.



Thank you messaging me over the weekend. We are not staffed during the weekend so I apologize we could not respond sooner. The number your provided me does not pull anything up in our system. You can try sending the address where the equipment is located or another number you believe may be associated and that can help me locate you. Since you are able to access the control center you can also send me your DSS number as well, whichever works for you. 


As far as the system control center saying everything is ok this means the entire system from hardware to network is not reporting a specific problem. This doesn't mean there isn't a problem though.      -Damian  




Thank you for providing me with the correct phone number. I was able to successfully locate the account. After running diagnostics it appears that every aspect of your service is fully operational from hardware to network as well as you having an ample amount of data and receiving speeds within threshold. This leaves only two possibilities for intermittent connection with the first being poor signal quality on the device. This can happen if you are too far away from the modem or there is something interfering with the signal like another router, big metal structure etc. You did not have any devices connected to the modem when I ran diagnostics so I was unable to see if this was the case for you. The other possibility that is more likely is cloudy weather causing connection to be lost. After looking up your area I was able to see that it has been cloudy off and on for months. Loss of signal from heavy cloud coverage is something that is inherent in satellite services of all types and there currently is no workaround for this besides waiting for clearer skies. Outside of that I do not see any other likely causes for intermittent connectivity.  -Damian