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Internet down

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Internet down

We got some storms in the mid-south earlier today from the tropical storm.
My internet has been down 6+/- hours now. The storm is past as far as I know; but no internet other than my unreliable mobile data. Still some occasional gusty wind, but nothing else. All devices not getting wifi, got the error icon.

I believe I'm on an older satellite (HT2000W)

I had wifi back a couple hours ago, but it's out again now. Don't know how long it's been back out due to an unexpected nap, lol 😅

Just wondering if there's an issue going on on Hughesnet's end.

I've restarted my router multiple times.
Second light down isn't lighting up.
Got system state code: 20.2.1

Thank you 😊




Thank you for posting and I am sorry to hear this. It sounds like strong winds may have moved your dish out of position. I would like to run remote diagnostics to confirm what is likely happening. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account so I can locate you in the system. You can click this link to do so . -Damian

Sent. Thank you!



Thank you for providing me this info. I was able to locate the account. Currently I am unable to get any deeper reads due to there being no communication coming from or to the modem currently. I was, however, able to confirm the equipment itself seems to be operational but it is not transmitting. Normally this can happen because of heavy cloud coverage or movement of the dish out of position which leaves us with two options. The first would be for you to wait until the weather is fully clear and I have you locate the updated state code unless the service resumes normal function. This will help us figure out our next steps. The second would be to call our support line immediately and have a technician sent out. I do want to warn that the phone reps may also require clear weather before sending a tech out. I know this is not the most convenient solution but satellite technology is very susceptible to poor weather and these things can happen.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you. - Damian  

Thank you so much for trying, I truly appreciate it. I will wait to see how the weather is in the morning and update when I can. Then go from there 😊

Distinguished Professor IV

Might be related to the storm, might be something at the ground station (which is always in another state from the user's), or something else. What beam are you on?


Edit: I see Damian has already replied to you. Hopefully he can connect to your modem and figure out what's going on. 

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Wifi has been back up for the past few hours at least. Not sure when it actually came back on; it was back up when I woke up.

But there's definitely an odd lag going on. Not the usual FAP slowdown. 

Got some errors going on in the control center. Think the state code is just the FAP code 🤷‍♀️ Errors might be as well; not sure 😅

But the lag is definitely unusual. Clear sunny skies out.

System state code: 24.1.1 

Distinguished Professor IV

That state code is just the FAP code. What other errors do you see?

About the weather: weather at the ground station location can also affect the signal.

The Web Acceleration has 🚫

Hope the emoji works, lol.


I'm not sure where my ground station is; but likely an older one. 

I just know that I have an HT2000W. 

If there's a way to find out more, I'll check. 

Distinguished Professor IV

Oh, that's because they don't support Web Acceleration anymore. That used to be for non-secure sites (http), but now most of the Web is secure (https), and so they did away with Web Acceleration.