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Limited connectivity to gateway

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Limited connectivity to gateway

I just got Hughesnet and upgraded to the 200gb. However, I still have about 100gb left of priority data. All that aside, I keep getting either 1 mbps download speed or even lower! The first couple of days I had it, we were running 80 mbps. I understand that the Internet is slower in bad weather, and it does rain here on the mountain sometimes, but this even happens when there's not a cloud in the sky. In the system control center I will test the connectivity, I've reset everything, etc. I'm not sure what else to do unless it's the physical location of my dish. I would try to figure it out in my own, but honestly, I feel like I shouldn't have to. I don't mind following someone's detailed instructions though.


Thank you so much for your help!

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The ground station (which is always in a different state from where your home is) can also be experiencing weather or other issues.  When the speed is very low, are there any errors displayed on the modem's page? 

No. The only problem that shows up is when I do a connectivity test and it tells me that there's limited connectivity to the gateway. The gateway always seems to be listed in KS. However, even when I check the weather there when this is happening, there's no reason for it. Not to mention, this happens all the time. If that is the case that simple weather changes can cause that much interruption or interference, then I'm not sure why I was told by Hughesnet that satellite where I am is better than through the phone line. I don't need my connection to be perfect, as we are just a small family that doesn't do online gaming at all, but I still need it to work when I need it to. 

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That's totally reasonable, and I hope the Hughesnet reps on this site can check this out for you this coming week and figure out what's going on. They're on roughly during business hours M-F, though sometimes there is one that may be online later. They will likely contact your modem remotely to run diagnostics, and they need the modem to be plugged in to be able to do that.  During the weekend, the only options are the 800 number and/or the chat. 

And no, regular weather doesn't really affect the signal. It's usually things like snow, ice, high winds, certain types of cloud cover (thick clouds interfere with the signal), etc. There could be other issues at the ground station too, things unrelated to weather. Typically, when the issue is happening, you'd see an error message of some kind on the modem page. 



Thanks for reaching out! I see this is your first post here. Welcome to the Community! I was able to get your account pulled up through your Community profile, which is great! Upon taking a look into your account and running a few tests, the main issue I'm seeing is connectivity. Your speeds, alignment, and other statistics seem to be satisfactory, at least on our end. You currently have 5 devices connected, all of which show a Poor signal quality. How far is the modem located from the devices you primarily use?