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No internet, phone support no help - fixed itself

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No internet, phone support no help - fixed itself

Once again I'm back. Internet went down right around 3am. Power cycled multiple times, checked device, etc. All seems fine. Went to sleep assuming it would be back up and it is not. 


State code is 23.1.1. Sometimes it is 12.1.1 or 21.1.4. Phone support says it is due to the very light rain (even though it wasn't raining at 3am and I've had gen5 two months and it's never dropped due to weather and worse storms). Told me to wait until the rain clears but it is supposed to rain until late afternoon tomorrow.  


Not to mention someone local who has the same service, pretty sure same beam etc., has had no outages. Neighbors also seem to be fine. 


Thanks all. 



Edit: no codes now but still no internet on multiple devices.  Just says "no internet, secured" on my desktop. It is cloudy but no rain. 

Edit 2: Power cycled again and it came up after yet another update and is now working so this can be closed.