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excessive dsta usage suddenly

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excessive dsta usage suddenly

suddenly data usage  so i bought another 15 GB of tokens and it is almost gone in six days.

that is the amount I have for monthly use and rarely use it all.

have not used internet any more than usual

would like to find out what is wrong and have it fixed




Thanks for reaching out! Upon looking into your account, the first thing I'm noticing is your alignment is off by quite a bit, and we'd definitely like to get that resolved as soon as possible. A technician will reach out to confirm and schedule the visit, at no cost to you! 


It seems your data reset today, on the 28th. There has been less than 1GB used today, which is a good sign. It appears all of the usage is coming from a desktop directly connected to the modem. About 670MB have been used today by that computer. Are you performing any internet activities that you haven't in the past?




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@aria wrote:

so in trying to respond and thought that i should send by private message was told that I had reached the limit of sending a private message.

If you wait a few minutes and try to send the message again it should go through.