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Best sites or services that let you Download Movies and TV programs?

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Terry HInes2

Best sites or services that let you Download Movies and TV programs?

Title preatty much say's what I am after.  I tried Google but really didn't have much luck weeding through all the bait sites.

Assistant Professor

Legally you must use pay sites like Netflix and Hulu for movies and older TV shows. For current TV shows you have to use the provider site which often doesn't allow it unless a satellite TV subscriber.


You're not going to get any non-legal pointers here.



Not looking for illegal.  I just didn't see netflix or Hulu mention anyting about downloading and watching later.  I will check the site again for details.  Any other sites that allow downloads will be great. 

Assistant Professor

OK, wasn't sure what you were looking for. Sadly many things are not available for downloading and watching later. Will probably change eventually but right now very limited. Netflix does now offer some things to be downloaded but very limited. Not sure about other sites.


I do think things will change sooner than later as companies want to make money. Being able to download content for later viewing is a money maker, they just haven't figured it out yet.

Distinguished Professor IV

Hulu is apparently going to offer offline viewing soon, too.