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Home phone service


Home phone service

I work from home and have a very reliable service with Vonage. I was interested in satellite internet and called HughsNet. The person I spoke with assured me at least twice that Vonage and HughsNet were compatible. Wrong! Granted I should have checked with Vonage but I believed him and now I am stuck! HughsNet can’t check to see if my number I have had for 20years will transfer over before I agree to pay more and go with Home Choice. Can anyone recommend another internet phone service compatible with Satellite internet? This has really left a bad taste in my mouth for HughsNet. 

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Re: Home phone service



The only phone service supported by HughesNet is their own VOIP service.  


With this said, you can request a review of your sales call, and if it's determined that you were misled regarding the ability to use Vonage you may have recourse.  

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