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Setting Up Thunderbird Problems

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Setting Up Thunderbird Problems

Been having a heck of a time setting up Thunderbird 78.3.1 Trying to add my existing Hughesnet email account, I keep running into this: "Unable to log in at server. Probably wrong configuration, username, or password." For the incoming POP3 protocol, the server is: Port is: 110. SSL is:STARTTLS. Authentication: Normal Password. And then my username. These settings were gotten from TB: "The following settings were found by probing the given server." But no luck. The Re-Testing button keeps says everything is set up right, but when I hit the Done button I get "Unable to log in at server..." What am I doing wrong?
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sounds super frustrating. Have you tried asking on the Thunderbird forums?


Good morning Mr_Kingsbury, 


We're closing this thread since we haven't heard back from you in a while. Hopefully maratsade's suggestion to check the Thunderbird support forum helped. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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