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Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing

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Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing

I have had Hughesnet since November. Other than the Big outage in early January, my service has been good.
Have not had to call for support yet.
Billing has been a bit confusing. The bill comes on 27th each month. I get paid on the last day of the month. It shows my balance is 0 but nothing has come out of my account, and it won't let me make a payment until I start getting the pop-up saying my bill is due. What's up with that?
And if I want to prepay for the Tokens I've purchased in current month negative on that too.
It seems like we should be able to pay anytime, even creating a credit balance before due date.
It just seems clunky and archaic.

Have you checked your Facebook page lately? Nothing but negative comments. Why no customer relations to address these? This concerns me as a relatively new customer.
I do realize some will complain if you hang them with a new rope.

My download speeds tonight 2-3-18 are 20.7 min, 37.7 max and 31.5 average.
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Re: Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing

With automatic billing, the funds are withdrawn on the same day that the new bill is created.  The due date is for those who are on invoice billing.  If you are on automatic billing, but the funds are not being withdrawn as they should, you should post in the myAccount and Billing section about that issue.     


I believe you can prepay, but I'm not sure how.  @BirdDog might know how, as I believe I've seen him talking about it.  He may reply since I tagged him.  


I'm not sure about pre-paying for tokens.  


When someone has an issue and they post about it on the Facebook page, a lot of times they're asked to PM, they're assigned a case manager that will call them, or their asked to post here.  Not all posts are addressed, but Facebook isn't much geared toward support.  Then again, not all posts need to be addressed, and for various reasons.  

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Re: Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing

That's @Gwalk900 who has posted some guidance before. I do believe you have to be on the invoice billing plan to pay in advance though.

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Re: Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing

The default payment method employed by HughesNet is "Auto-Pay".

It is possible to pay ahead, that is to say that you will show a positive credit balance ..... however ......


If you have "invoice billing" you have 30 days to make your payment from the data that the bill is generated. If you have "Auto-Draft" your payment method will be charged the micro-second that your bill is generated.


If you were to pre-pay and are on "Auto-Draft" you run the very real risk your payment method getting a double hit as the Auto-Pay is .... automatic.


Be aware the Invoice Billing usually comes with a $5.00 monthly charge.


But .... you can pay early ... just watch the details.

My bill is generated on the 5th of the month. I pay online as a"one time" payment and hence show a credit balance:



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Re: Good or Bad, Service-Support-Billing




Thanks, guys.  I wasn't sure who it was that had talked about prepay before.  I don't know much at all about it.  I appreciate it.  

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