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Its a joke


Its a joke

This community is a joke. You can only say what hughesnet wants you to say. They don't want other customers to hear how you tried to settle your problem with hughesnet nor do they want their other customers to know what other ways you took to try and fix the problem. In a TRUE community forum you can express your opinions either good or bad but not on this one. I have found out dealing with hughesnet it is always the customers fault not hughesnet. The sad part is years ago I had hughesnet fir satellite and it was great. They sure have changed since then.
Assistant Professor

Re: Its a joke haven't even asked for any help here. All you've done is rant in several places. As a fellow customer, who's had the service for many years, I have no urge to help you. Going to the third party agency you mentioned in the other thread means any issues will be delt with through them. Getting help here isn't even an option now.


BTW: Many, many customers have received valuable help here over the years when they've come here to actually get help.