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Suggestion: system status page/recording

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Suggestion: system status page/recording

[Originally posted under General Discussion -- thanks @GabeU for suggesting moving it here]


I think an improvement to this community would be a system status page (similar to what the Catalina-mongers do here), with information pertinent to the HughesNet service.   Not sure if this is possible or what it would entail, but it'd be useful. 


A basic system status page would show things like whether there are weather related issues with a ground station, issues with email, issues reported by users, issues with the meter (for example, the Video Data Saver issue we experience sometimes), etc.  


Someone (sorry, forgot who it was ) mentioned that it'd be helpful to have recordings regarding the system status, for when people call the customer service line.  Is that not done anymore?  Waaay back in DirectWay times, there were recordings like that, and they were quite helpful. Something like "We're currently experiencing weather-related issues in your area" saved a lot of time when calling regarding wonky service. 




Hello @maratsade,


Thank you for this suggestion. I also believe this would be extremely beneficial. I am going to pass this along internally. Hopefully, it will help strengthen the argument of its importance to those that can make this change. The good news is this idea has come up before. If we receive any immediate feedback or response from this suggestion, I will update you right away.