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Worst experience

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Worst experience

Worst experience I've ever had with any company at any time! Lied to by a manager and recieve the run around from reps. Service is poor and does not live up to  what is advertised. Follow up calls not recieved. No responce from emails sent. Hughesnet is a total rip off.  

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If you'd like to get help with whatever your issue is, please post in the appropriate section for that issue.  If it's a technical issue, please post in Tech Support.  If it's a Billing or Account issue, please post in myAccount and Billing.  


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I totally agree with you! I have to call at least once a month and still nothing. One month I called customer service and I had a non-English individual for customer service. He was rude and everytime I tried to explain he blocked my comments. I got angry at his treatment. Not until thien did I loose my temper. I called back and did get a concerned individual, she apologized and then had me reboot and for 2 months it was amazing! But now, even after they take their payment I have to turn it off and on 3 times a week or more. My daughter has college classes and it has shut down on her so she has to go elsewhere for internet. I’m not exaggering but I have been in tears when I call. I originally had Execede. Lord I wish I could get them back! I thought they were bad until I got Hughesnet. Even now I have to use my data from my phone. I hate Hughesnet. I’m gojng to cancel and take the losses. I pay (donate) $125 a month for nothing!
I’m going on Facebook and warn everyone I can! A living nightmare!

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I'd love the opportunity to help you get any issues sorted out. As this thread is in the wrong category and a bit old, it is best for you to create a new post for yourself in the appropriate category and we'll jump right on it!