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Being accused of fraud

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Being accused of fraud

How can you accuse some one of fraud when they never made a payy
Distinguished Professor IV

Who is accusing you of fraud?  Can you give more details?  Keep in mind that If someone has never made payments they owed on a service they subscribed to, they would be  in violation of contract.  

I have made payment. On time. My debt card was stolen. I had to skip month because I didn't have a card. Now my account is on lock down. And there saying it's because I have done frud.
Distinguished Professor IV

The HN staff on this site will be back on Monday and they can look at your account.  Phone agents and chat agents are available 24/7 if you'd like to go that route; otherwise, Monday would be the earliest you would hear from a HN rep on this site. 

Either way I have gone . I have gotten nothing
Distinguished Professor IV

You may want to wait until the HN reps here check your account and get back to you. @Jay



In the meantime, I hope you reported the theft of your debit card.







Thank you for contacting us and welcome to the community. When an account is locked for fraud, it is due to the HughesNet billing system detecting that an account has used 2 or more credit cards in the last 12 months which were previously reported as lost or stolen. It is a safety feature to prevent further damage in case there is real fraud occurring. I see you already called in and had this case escalated to our Fraud department. They have notated that you will be receiving a call back in the next 3-5 business days. We would have been able to expedite this process, but it appears you stated that you did not have a fax machine to provide the necessary information for this. Once they contact you back, we will be able to resolve this and get your account reactivated. Please update me here if you have further questions at that point.