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Being charged for services I never should have been sold in the first place

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Being charged for services I never should have been sold in the first place

So, I needed to set up internet at a remote office for a couple of years.  I read about Hughes net and had some sales info that was sent to my house on occasion.  So I called and explained we needed a business account for internet that would allow our users to user remote desktop connection through a VPN to run their Virtual Desktops here in the main office.  The response was that " long as you aren't gaming you should be fine."  I said great and moved ahead with the deployment. 


Well, as soon as the system was up and running, the user experience was intolerable during the remote desktop sessions.  We researched and called tech support who right away said "...this solution has too much latency for VPN and remote desktop."  We were disappointed and decided it was unusable and canceled within days of the deployment. 


My experiences with customer service has been all over the place.  The first rep, from the US, had said, "return the equipment and I can refund the $300 for the equipment and waive $300 of the early termination fee.  This would leave us with a $100 invoice for a service we could never use and only ordered after sales said it would work.  I said OK but was not too happy about incurring any cost. 


So, I was a bit confused as to what equipment they wanted back after having read the returned equipment section of the website and I called to confirm I was doing it right.  This time I got an overseas associate who was nothing but rude and said, "there will be no refund."  I said that was not what I was told on the last call and she said, "I don't know anything about that but, there will be no refund."  I said can you please get me a manager to which she replied, "I can get you a manager but they will tell you same thing."  It was infuriating so, I hung up. 


I've since called back and spent 1 hour and four minutes being transferred around.  First, after a hold, was an overseas associate who said she was with the residential branch and I needed to call the business branch.  I hung up and called the number she gave me. 


I spoke to a guy in the US, after a healthy hold, who seemed to want to help but said, after placing me on hold a few times, he was being told he had to transfer me to a another department.  I asked if it was going to be overseas and he said he didn't know but, had transfer me, which he did. 


After another hold, I got another overseas associate who was little help and I asked him to escalate the case to which, he rambled on about that not being possible a couple of times and finally said, "I am in the residential department, I have to transfer you to business..." 


Now, after 54 minutes on the 2nd call, I finally got a very professional caring associate that seem to want to fix things.  Nicole Andersen is the associate's name.  We were able to get to a place where we understood each other and I was offerd a refund of the equipment when I returned it to them.  I said “…but, you're still charging me over $400 for a service we could not use and I only ordered it because the sales rep said it would work ‘ long as you are not gaming...’ " 


Nicole then said I should come here and try and get the sales record pulled or to maybe find a way of helping us not have to pay for a service that never should have been sold to us in the first place.  So, please can someone help resolve this mess.  I just don't think it is a good business decision to sell something to someone that is not suited to their stated needs and just say "Sorry, you bought it, it's yours..."


Agostini, I've heard back regarding your Sales call and I have private messaged you with further details. 



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Distinguished Professor IV

When did you have your sales call? If it's not too old, it may still be in the system and the mods here will be able to pull it and listen to it.  


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.


Hello Agostini, welcome to the community and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've put in a request to have your Sales called reviewed, it can be a few days before we hear back with any news. Once I have heard back regarding your call, I will notify you as early as I can. 


I appreciate your patience while we get to the bottom of this. 


Hi Brooke, Thanks for the response.  I had several calls with more than one rep.  I believe I spoke to a Lesley Phifer and a Heather Rakestraw over a some days around the 10th or so of July.

Distinguished Professor IV



I'm reasonably sure that the only call they can actually review is your original sales call (the one from when you signed up for the service), though they can probably see highlight notes from calls made after the service was installed.  

Agostini, I've heard back regarding your Sales call and I have private messaged you with further details. 




Thanks for taking care of this so promptly!

Of course, glad I was able to help 🙂