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Bill due on the 11th can't see it till then? What if I want to.

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Bill due on the 11th can't see it till then? What if I want to.

Bill invoice
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Go here:

Log in ...

Click the "Billing" tab

From there you can see current invoice, past invoices and unbilled activity among other things:


I know about getting to my invoice .it.s due on the 11th but there is still no invoice to see. No emails no 10 day notice nothing. Have to wait till the 11th to see it? There is no other company's , banks, credit cards other bills ( telephone , dishtv that makes you wait till the last minute to see your bill

Hi dmh359,

We appreciate the post. The 11th should be your bill date. Your due date is 10 days after, which is basically the last day your bill would be due before a interruption in service. This is in place mainly if you have a paper invoice payment type selected on your account. With auto pay the same day that the bill is generated is the same day that our system will retrieve payment. If you would like to receive a paper bill you can opt to do that. Just FYI, there is an $5 fee to have this done. I hope this clears it up for you.

Thank you,