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Cancellation Contract

Service is terrible - we don't even use it anymore so I am paying for a service that I cannot use. I was not aware that there was any type of contract with the service when it was installed or purchased, now i am stuck paying a 400 cancellation fee. I did schedule for a technician to come out and look at everything, although they say everyhting looks good on there end. The manager I talked with said that they could possibly waive the cancellation fee if service was still slow after the tech visit. Am I wasting my time going through this process only to be told there is still nothing they can do about the cancellation fee?


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I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. We certainly want to get to the bottom of this so I had your sales call reviewed. The sales agent did go over the required terms and conditions at the end of the call and clearly referenced our 24 month commitment:


Sales Rep: The service term is 24 months. If you cancel your service prior to the expiration of the 24 month commitment period, you'd be subject to a termination fee up to $400. In addition, once your service is cancelled, even after the 24 month term, you must return the modem, power cord, and radio within 45 days of the cancellation to avoid an unreturned equipment fee of $300. 


[rest of terms and conditions]


Sir, any questions about the terms and conditions?


You: No.


Regarding your HughesNet service, we can help you with that as well here in the community. First, I see you're currently subject to the Fair Access Policy, so your speeds are reduced as a result of running out of your monthly data. However, I ran remote diagnostics on your site, and decided as a courtesy to dispatch a technician to do a complete review of your site due to the concerns you've been encountering.


Your dispatch is currently scheduled for our earliest available slot: Monday, Sep 4, 2017 between 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Call us at 866.347.3292 and reference case #105946965 if you need to reschedule. Please let us know how the site visit goes.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Same happend to me. I never received the service quality they are promissing. Download rates were far far way, ping times horriable. I was sticking with them, because there was no other ISP at my location. Now they still want to have the early termination fee. Today I spent 1h on the line incl. talking to the manager, becaused I didn't received a written confirmation and they explained me that they are unable to send it again. I received their promotions, the request to do another service, but surprise surprise the cancellatio confirmation gets lost. 


The provide the most worst customer experience I ever experienced. They were unable to fix any reported probnlems (technical or account related), that sucks. Now I have to pay anoth $170 to get rid of the **bleep**.

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@markus7017, you are currently spamming the site. You have an issue or a problem or a complaint and would like to vent or find a resolution, so your best move would be to post the issue as a separate post and to stop adding the same information to other threads.