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I honestly dont know where to start. lets start when i started with hughes net back in january. we started with the gen4 with 10GB for $49.99..well i was having so many problems with the service that i was given an offer for the new gen5 with 20GB but i could still keep the 10GB price for 12 months as long as i pay the "activation fee" is the correct term,i always said install fee, which was about $149. sounds good right? well 3 months go by and i get charged a extra $20. i call hughesnet on thursday aug 3,2017 reference #105386086, they said that i will be credited for the extra $20 to next bill.and that i will have the promotion i was promised for the next year. they see it was taken off but there was nothing in the notes saying why it was taken off.the rep told me that i will be recieving a phone call the next morning with a supervisor to authorize all of this. next day comes. no call. so i called them again.reference number 105408235. this rep tried to tell me my promotion was only good for 3 months and that she see what she can do(mind you, on YOUR website the promotion even states for 12 months for the 20 GB is $49.99,expires end of june and i got this promotion in may).i was placed on hold.she said that she can give me a $10 credit. i said no. i want my $20 credit not $10. she placed me on hold again. her next offer was she can give me the $20 credit for the next 3 months. i said no because i paid a install fee to have this service for 12 months,why would i pay that much to only have it for 3 months. i will not accept. then she placed me on a hold again. her next offer was $20 credit for 6 months. I SAID NO I WANT MY CREDIT I WAS PROMISED. HOW IN THE WORLD YESTERDAY YOU GUYS SAID I CAN HAVE THAT PROMOTION THEN LESS THAN 24 HRS LATER SAY I CANT!!!  from there i asked how much does it cost to just cancel the whole service...$355!!!!! WHAT IN TH E WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! so i got transfered over to a rep and he apologized as i explained everything from the past 2 days. he told me that the proper adjustments were made and i decided not to cancel giving another chance because this is not the 1st time my account has been overcharged. this is actually the 2nd time. and it sucks that i am in enrolled in the autopay because why would i want to pay an extra $5 to have my bill sent to me. anyways friday night,not even raining out and my netflix just keeps buffering..maybe i used my GB? so i wait till the 2AM-8AM where you are allowed to use up to 50GB.....nope still bufferiing. at this point i am beyond FRUSTRATED. so i call right then and there. 2:46 AM eastern time. the department i need to speak with opens at 7AM. here we are this morning.i called around about 7:30AM eastern time. i spoke with 8 (or was it 9?) people this morning!!!!!!!!! some how the call magically ended when i was explaining everything. let me tell you at what point the call kept magically ending. on YOUR website,, under 3.3 pricing revisions; notices states :


Hughes may revise pricing for any Service Plans at any time by providing notice of any price change to you over the HughesNet Service as well as written notice to your address. Hughes will endeavor to provide at least 30 days’ notice of any such change to you. In the event you do not agree to such price revisions, you may terminate your subscription (as provided herein) and stop using the Service before the later of the effective date of the price change or thirty (30) days after such notice is delivered, in which event you will not be bound by such changes. Otherwise, except as provided in Section 5.5 below, your continued use of the Service after such time constitutes your full acceptance of such pricing revisions.


i was not informed about this price change which gives me the right to cancel without any fee. not to mention i did not recieve a written notice to my address. my bill was for $67.26 for August 2, 2017 and its suppose to be $47.26. the rep try telling me that my promotion fell off thats why i have to pay a early termination fee. um no. i was promised for 12 months for $47.26.there shouldnt have been any price change till next year. these past 3 days on the phone with you guys should of never happened if YOU guys didnt over charge my account for the 2nd time. the last supervisor i spoke with Mr. richard grey employee number 5230213 and reference call #105411640 (by the way was on the phone FOREVER) said he could not waive the early termination fee but take $100 off,actually that no one can......i asked him if this a billion dollar company, he responded with yes. i asked then HOW CAN A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY CANT WAIVE A FEE DUE TO THEIR NEGLIANCE AND NO FAULT TO MINE. AND CANT UPHOLD THEIR LEGAL AGREEMENT!!!!! seriously. today is my husbands birthday and im over here trying to get the headache of a company to make things right. but its not even about my bill being messed up(again) its not about the promotions that you guys want to give me for my compensation anymore. THIS IS ABOUT MY TIME BEING wasted. TIME IS TO VALUABLE TO ME. this about you guys not having the best interest for your customers. ALL I WANT IS TO CANCEL MY SERVICE AND NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING BECAUSE THAT IS MY RIGHT! says in your OWN LEAGL AGREEMENT. i tried calling the president but unfortunately they are only open monday-friday. so this was my next move and if it doesnt get resolved today i will spend my weekend writing reviews every where i can. starting with Bx3(since writing it out is not permitted) then if yall have facebook twiiter anything.sounds like i may just have to talk to a lawyer as well because this is beyond unfair and its sad companies try to get over on good people. i served my country and this is the crap i have to deal with as a civilian? no thank you. im sure i left alot of details out but you guys get the drift. if you guys can call or email us back about this situation i would appreciate it.


-melissa hudson

one fedup customer


Look all i want is to cancel without having to pay any fee because you guys overcharged my account not once but twice. keep promising these promotions and then switching it up and for me to keep calling back wait on hold forever each time like come on. who really wants to go through all that. you guys violated your agreement and im being punished for it. what if i needed that extra $20 this month for gas in my car or food for my children? you guys messed up the billing not of your reps even said that in reference call #:105386086.. that isnt taken into consideration now is. how do you think that effects me? and now im unpleased you want to keep throwing more promotions at me for me to stay longer.why not just step up and just say im are right. we will waive the early termination fee for all the inconvience we caused. it wouldnt be so bad if this happened once. but this happened twice. its not fair. that you guys can mess up but oh no! let a customer miss a payment or something, real quick to add a late fee right? but throwing another promotion my way to make up for the inconvience for the first time worked. but you guys mess up again i have to accept more promotions to make up for the inconvenience? no. i believe i should chose how my inconvenience should be paid for the second time you guys mess up which is to end my contract without being charged any fees of some sort.that doesnt sound fair. and for Mr. Richard Grey employee #:5230213 in reference call #:105411640 to say no one can give authorization to waive that? no one in that whole billion dollar company.WHAT?

"The promotional periods for Gen5 on the normal Hughesnet website is meant for new customers only, existing customers that upgrade will have different promotions and prices."


As you stated above. Well once again due to no fault of mine, one of your reps mislead me to believe this was a offer i was eligible for. when i was offered this promotion that was "meant for new customers" i agreed to those terms. Now you guys arent upholding your end of the deal and refuse to take any blame? Oh!! by offering me more discounts but in 3 months stuff gets switched up and i go throw all this nonsense AGAIN. Like i said prior,this is the SECOND time ive been overcharged and i have been with you guys since jan 18th 2017. and theres plenty of phone calls in between.

New Member

I switched to Hughes net in July because I was unhappy with my other Internet service. What a big effing mistake that was!!! I would say Hughes net customer service sucks, but that would be implying that they actually had some sort of customer service. I know what you mean about being on hold and waiting and waiting and then somebody with absolutely no authority to do anything pretend that they are helping you when in reality they are just wasting my time!
Linné Zala
Very unhappy customer

Hello Linné,


We definitely do not want this to be the experience you have with us. I was able to locate your account and understand that we discussed a dispute regarding the equipment lease fee and other charges. Let's get together about coming to a quick resolution - we can private message about your billing concerns and if you'd like, create a post if you need any technical assistance.


Thank you,





Same here, after spending hours on the phone with hughnet support, “ART” told me that he was bumping me to the next plan but keeping me at the $49.00 price since he knew that I had been lied to about what I could expect from hughnet and that he had witnessed salesmen misrepresenting the service!, so after reviewing my order and realizing that I HAD been 🤥 to he was going to give me the next plan at the $49 price, but once again that has not been the case! I am being charged $69.00 not the $49.00 that he promised. So in closing, you cannot believe anything that they tell you because they just want to get you off the phone! They will promise most anything but deliver nothing expect higher prices! Lies,Lies!,Lies
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