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Data Usage showing up incorrectly

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Data Usage showing up incorrectly

This is what I see when I look at my usage history and my usage %'s show 100% available. I contacted support, they told me it was 98%, which seemed reasonable based on what I had done. While on the chat my %'s even updated to 98% and about 5 minutes later it had reset back to 100%. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how do I fix it. Being able to manage my data is going to be important after coming from Cable internet that was unlimited (we moved and Spectrum is not available at the new address).

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If you're in your first twenty days of service you're in what's known as the "Relaxed Bandwidth Period".  This means that, during these twenty days, HughesNet is continually refilling your data.  HughesNet does this as a courtesy in order to allow new subscribers to update/upgrade their devices to current without it affecting their normal monthly data allotment, as these activities can use a lot of data, especially if there are a lot of devices and they haven't been updated in a while.  After this initial twenty day period the continual data refills will stop and your data usage will be depleted from your monthly allotment in the normal fashion.