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cancellation for misrepentation and being a prisoner

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cancellation for misrepentation and being a prisoner


I want to know the the best way to cancel my service ASAP. We have had this service since the first of October and have been overwhelmed with problems. First of all not one time did I sign a contract; Second of all i have contacted tech representives multiple times to solve our problems. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR REFERENCE NUMBER because as soon as the chat became to complicated the tech would stop responding and end the chat; I spent well over 3 hours one evening with tech support.  Finally one said turn off video settings, That seemed to "fix" the problem. I kept a check on the usuage i was very viligent in monitoring it. UNBEKNOWN to me the first month was "free" because the second month (NOVEMBER) we ran out with 2 weeks left of the month.  I then upgraded to the highest amount of data you provide. I have keep everything that sucks up data OFF. We have become PRISONERS of HUGHESNET because no longer do we listen to our music, watch tv, Have the top of the line securtity system; the use of google lights... NO we have lowered our security settings to the lowest possibe settings, we no longer stream music No computer use; no ipad use and i bought an antenna to watch tv with, EVEN THOUGH we are subscribed to several different streaming channels.  IT is beyond mindboggling!!!! 


While this service was being put in I talked to the representive about our security system; streaming channels, streaming music, etc. and was reassured it wouldn't be a problem. SURE IT IS NOT A PROBLEM if you don't USE ANY OF THE ABOVE


I will have our solider home for christmas from deployment, he will want to finally use the internet, finally play his video games, however HUGHESNET is going to make one of our military personnel MISS OUT on the opportunity of this enjoyment because with all the cut backs i have made already I am currently at less than 13gb of data left for the MONTH of December and it is currently the 11th of December that is 20days left to SQUEEZE out 13GB. 




also after reading that there isn't a REAL reason for data caps it is the SATELLITE companies have been pushed by others to stop capping out data. 

I would like a response on how to get out of this contract ASAP!!! 

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Cancellation can only be done by phone, 866-347-3292. You may want to try in the morning, as they're likely to be less busy. 

Distinguished Professor IV



1.  You gave a verbal assent to the disclosure read toward the end of the sales call, which means you agreed to the service.  Your service installation could not move forward without this.  You had the service installed at your home and used it, which again means that you agreed to the service.  You can see the entire Residential Subscriber Agreement here, which is available for anyone to read.  


2.  Speed is not guaranteed.  Nor is the ability to stream without any issue.  


3.  The first twenty days of service are data limit free as a courtesy.  It has no impact on the service commitment, as there is no 30 days trial.  


4.  There is no way to verify what was asked or said during the installation.  If you feel you were misled during your sales call, however, you can ask for a sales call review.  


5.  If you'd like to troubleshoot the issues you're experiencing, including the data usage problems, please start a new topic in Tech Support.  


6.  If you'd like to cancel immediately, you can call the number maratsade listed.  However, at this point, the Early Termination Fee would be valid.  When the service is terminated, an equipment return kit is sent in order to return the leased items.  i.e the modem, the power pack and the radio from the dish.  Instructions will be provided for how to remove the radio.  You can also see them here.


7.  Regardless of what you read, the soft data caps are a requirement in order to keep the service usable for everyone by forcing people to prioritize their high speed data allotment.  Without those data caps, the service would be in a perpetual traffic jam.  There's only so much bandwidth to go around at any given time.