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Data throttling

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Data throttling

I’d like to THROTTLE someone at Hughes. This is the FOURTH month in a row that they’ve virtually shut down my service with TWENTY EIGHT DAYS LEFT in my service plans. And they do not SLOW sports, they shut me down. I’m one person on your SEVENTY FIVE GB plan. 

Now their solution is to SELL ME TOKENS?! Why in the world to they expect me to waste more money and time. There’s NO explanation for this other than they are committing fraud and stealing from me .

Distinguished Professor IV

They only throttle you when you've run out of monthly data. If you use up your 75 GB, you will go into FAP mode.  And the solution is to either budget your data so you don't run out, or buy tokens. No fraud involved; it's all in the subscriber agreement. 

Distinguished Professor IV

The first thing you need to do is figure out why you're using 75GB in three days. If you stream a lot, that's likely your answer.


Then you need to learn how to use the service within its means.