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Data token question

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Data token question

I have bought data tokens in the past and the data token meter never showed any. I also have not received any emails about me purchasing any data tokens at all. I was also told that the data doesn't show up on the data meters after I purchase a days token.

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Data token question

I don't think you receive an email when you buy tokens, but I may be wrong.  Are you using Gen5?

Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Data token question



If you've purchased tokens but they were never applied to your Data Token bank you may need to add them.  Check where you normally buy Data Tokens.  If you see any Free or Prepaid tokens you can click them to add them to your Data Token bank, after which the amount added will show in that bank.  It's never added to your Service Plan or Bonus Zone data banks. 


This applies to Gen4/Gen5 service.

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