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Discounts for lack of service

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Discounts for lack of service

Are there any one time discounts available if my internet hasn't worked properly for a week and I called support and they determined they will have to send a technician out to replace hardware but it is 5 days after I called when they can come? When they come friday it will be 1 week I've gone without having working internet. It will work for 5 minutes then stop for several hours then randomly work again then go out for the rest of the night. My stepson has been with me all week and he hasn't been able to even watch tv for a week. I can't even use google with my wifi I have to use my data. Please if anyone can give my any advice on what can be done other than us waiting until they come replace the router and check the satellite/cords.

Distinguished Professor IV

Your best bet is to wait for the HN reps on this site (@Liz , @Remy , @Damian ) to check your case and get back to you. Hopefully you will hear today. 




Thank you for posting and I am sorry to hear this. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account and I will check to see if you have any discounts that can be applied. You can send me a private message message here .  As far as the technical issues you are experiencing go, if a technician was deemed necessary, that will be the only thing that will resolve those issues. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. -Damian