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Dish - Promo

Hi. On 6/4/22, I spoke with a Dish rep, who took my order for Hughesnet Gen 5. At that time, I was told that there would be a $19.99 set up fee. My monthly charges (for one year) would be as follows: $54.99/month (15GB) + $14.99/month (equipment lease). After one year, my cost would be $64.99. Hughesnet was installed yesterday, 6//722.


I set up my online account. At which time, I see that I was charged $31.87, which I don't understand. I see that I will be charged $64.99 a month.


This morning, I have spoken with 3 Hughesnet employees and 2 Dish employees. No one seems to be able to apply my $10 promo to my account. I would greatly appreciate that being applied.


I would also greatly appreciate an explanation of the $31.87 charge. Thanks.

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My understanding is that if the deal was made through Dish, you need to work with Dish -- I may be wrong, though, so hang in there until a rep here replies to you. 




It appears this is your first post. Welcome to the Community! We'd be glad to help out and take a look into this. As maratsade stated, the discount is normally supposed to be applied through Dish themselves. 


I was unable to find your account through your Community profile, when attempting to look into the $31.87 charge. Please send a private message to the link provided below with your account number or a phone number tied to your account!




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