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Don't understand

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Don't understand

Last month I called and complained about the problem we were have with the constant loading. Before we moved up the hill we were not having that problem. Person said that it was because we were at the end of our cycle, we were at the end of our cycle at our old place too and did not have this problem. Person said that we are at 10 GB and our modem was talking to the satellite. Well she/he said that they could upgrade us to Gen 520 and we could get a 6 month promotional for half the price starting Aug. for 20 GB. After that 6 month promotion I could call and go back to 10 GB for the price of that lower plan.

Now yesterday I talked to a person and was told that we are paying the full amount, not the promotion amount. I don't understand. I know we had put our previous  bill on hold while we did not have a permenate address. We paid that bill in full. 


Re: Don't understand



Thanks for posting, I can certainly address your concerns. I pulled up your account to review your billing information and you still have a promotional discount for your 30 GB plan. You can see this for yourself if you view your bill online.


To view your bill, please log into the Support Center: and follow the instructions here:


To see the breakdown of your bill, which includes your credits, open the bill and click the "Account Charges" link in the bottom left corner.


Hope that helps!


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.