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Don’t use auto-pay

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Don’t use auto-pay

I moved out of my house 5 months ago but was forced to keep the service until the contract is up or pay a $400 cancelation fee. My contract is over in October so I called to have them send me a box for the equipment. I was told that I had until the end of my contract to send in the equipment or I would be charged a fee. However, my account was charged an extra $300 on the day I requested the box. I have called several times and keep getting different stories. Also, I still haven’t received the box and it has been about 10 days. The supervisor said he will resend the box but I won’t receive the money until the next billing cycle even if I return the equipment. I filed a report with my bank so hopefully they can help. Don’t ever get this service unless you don’t have any other option like I did.

Hi Saraca23, welcome to the community and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I took a look at your account and see that the box was not shipped during your initial cancellation. This is not part of our usual cancellation process, so I apologize for the error on our end. 


As far as the box, we can get the payment reversed sooner than your next bill. Once you get the box and send it back, keep the tracking number on hand. Once it's reached to us, we can receive manually through our system. When we manually receive the box, the reversal will apply within an hour. Please make sure to not make any adjustments to the card we have on file during this process, or the reversal will not go through.


Once again I apologize for this and I wish you the best with your next provider. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns I can address.