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EBB Program benefits Being transferred without consent

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EBB Program benefits Being transferred without consent

I got an email on Nov 13th saying my benefits were being transferred and services (I have not asked for this) I called, thought I had everything fixed and was told my benefits would not end with Hughesnet. Well, I received a letter dated the 23rd that my benefits were being transferred and my services would be shut off. I'm confused. Live chat won't help me saying they aren't equipped to do so. I'm upset because supposedly this was taken care of. Now it isn't. I did not give permission for this. I do not want this. I call and they say they don't see it reflecting on my account. Someone help.

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Who sent you the email and the letter?  Was it Hughesnet or the feds?

It was hughesnet

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OK, so hopefully the reps here can find out what's going on. 



Thank you for reaching out! At this point, it would be necessary to call USAC to request reinstatement. If the EBB discount is transferred or is used at another internet/phone provider, we are required by law to remove the EBB discount you have with us. USAC will be able to provide more details as to why the transfer was submitted.




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USAC contact info:


Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Hours: 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET
Phone: (833) 511-0311


Hi, so it seems assurance wireless (who I get my free cellphone through) illegally put in a transfer of benefits assuming they had control of my ebb program benefits for whatever reason. USAC's advice was to have you guys reapply my ebb program benefits as a transfer effectively nullifyibg the whole situation, however they have not informed me of how to keep it from happening again.