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I am Formally Requesting a Sales Call Review

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I am Formally Requesting a Sales Call Review

I am formally requesting a sales call review. I called to cancel the account this evening, (confirmation code 134493493) and requested a sales call review, and the agent outright refused to process the review. I then asked to be escallated, no less than three times, and the agent refused to escalate the call. I am formally requesting a full waiver of the early termination fee due to the following issues.   




  1. During sales call, the issue of buying the equipment was offered as means of mitigation to off-set the cost of the EFT. I understand at this point that, it is not a valid offering, but the sales call explicitly contradicted, the legal agreement.   

  2. It was understood at the point of call, that there may have to be a point of termination as the account owner may have to relocate. It was deliberately pointed out and discussed that we were looking for ways to avoid the etf in this case. The sales agent understood and directed us to the purchase option to avoid the ETF   

   3. There was a direction question asked to the sales agent if the voice service also carried a 2 year contract fee. The sales agent directly said that there was no contract associated with the voice add on. 

  4. Like most on here, there was major complaints with latency and drop out with the service. Streaming services, even at the lowest resolution were completely unwatchable. Even if Hughesnet was an option for the account holder at their new location, (which it is not) the service was so horrible that there would be no interest in a transfer.

  5. Customer service was abysmal and often rude in attempts to resolve the latency and drop out issues.



 I understand that the review can take up to 7 days. Please enact this process ASAP.  

Distinguished Professor IV

The reps on this site can do a sales call review -- retreiving and analysing the call can take up to 7 business days but often takes less time (and sometimes more).  They'll get back to you privately with the results of the call. 




Thank you for voicing your concerns! I would be happy to assist you with the issues you are having. Please send me a private message with your SAN or the phone number registered to the account.




Distinguished Professor IV



Just in case, you can PM KathyVoss by clicking on her name, then clicking Send a Message on her "About" page.  Or, you can use this link.