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I’m moving and my landlord won’t allow service to be installed. Any way to get my ETF waived?

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I’m moving and my landlord won’t allow service to be installed. Any way to get my ETF waived?

So I’m moving in September and my Landlord won’t allow the service to be installed. I still have 8 months left on my service agreement. Is there any chance I can get my Early Termination Fee Waived?


Has anyone experienced this issue Before?

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There are certain consumer protections in place that may prohibit the landlord from disallowing you having this type of service installed.  You can find information about this here


A rep will have to answer your question regarding whether or not the ETF can be waived.  


Hi Savage 😄 


Is the Landlord not allowing the service due to concerns about placing the dish on a roof, or for another reason? If it's a concern with possible roof damage, we can always have the technician mount it on a pole instead. 





The apartment I am renting comes with all utilities included and he does not want me to add any services to the property even if it’s pole mounted. Sadly I am losing my Directv for the same reason. 😭

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Because you most likely have areas that are considered exclusive use, the landlord can't prevent installation of the dish, so unlikely the ETF can be waived.  Regardless of what he/she wants, they can't legally prevent installation as the F.C.C. allows residential users to use that space for those objects.

However, if LOS can't be established from those areas, or you don't have a porch or patio like area that is exclusive use to you, then chances are the fee can be waived.

Unfortunately based on our legal site and your contract, the ETF charges are still valid, but I understand in these circumstances you still intended to carry your services over to a new location and aren't allowed to at the new location.


If you could send me a private message, I'd like to address this concern in further detail. 


Thank you.


Pm sent