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I returned the modem DO NOT BILL ME!!!!

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I returned the modem DO NOT BILL ME!!!!

I According to UPS tracking ( 1Z6W37599009930522 ) the modem I returned was received at the Hughes facility on 2/5/18.  Hughes has had it for 16 days and I am getting notices that I will be billed $125.00 for not returning modem.  This is ridiculous that Hughes can't process a simple return within 2 weeks of recieving the equipment.

RMA is 109041997.  Process the return and stop trying to bill me for equipment that was returned!!!!


Hello Paul99,


Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. I have located your account and do see that we manually entered the equipment return into our system while on the phone with you. You did the right thing in keeping hold of that tracking number and calling us when you noticed something wasn't right. I agree that it is very unusual the equipment was not marked as received when we received it. Rest assured you will not be billed for the modem. I will send your information over to our warehouse manager to investigate why this happened. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Thank you,


New Poster

This same thing happened to me!!  I don't believe it is unusual. I also had to call to get someone to manually receive my returned equipment and I too was threatened with a 125.00 fee!

Hi Sue2u,


I will gather the information on your returned item as well. There could be some correlation - maybe the scanner system or something like that. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know about this, it is always helpful in these situations.