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Ill gladly take an early termination of the worst Internet!!!!

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Ill gladly take an early termination of the worst Internet!!!!

Surely if you read this... There is no explaining needed!!! Every morning I have connection to my router but no Internet connection!!! Literally every morning!!! I'm paying for this?? I'd rather not
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I sure hear you, if there was any other service I would change!  got on during “free time( 2 am- 8 am.  started book download at about 5 am, it is now 8 am and I have a total of 1% downloaded.  Service sucks!

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If you'd like to troubleshoot the issue you are having, please start a new post in the Tech Support section.  

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Hilarious. HughesNet has to have someone troll the Help Community to tell the customer to go to ANOTHER,DIFFERENT place to post their problems. Any other company would just take care of the customer,,,right then and there! Here at MyHughesNet, it is always complicated. Always, no matter what.


MadAsHeck - it is much simpler if Liz or myself can assist you individually in the appropriate area. I believe that I have already responded to another one of your posts you posted on someone else's thread.


If anyone is still in need of assistance who has not had their issues addressed, please bump your thread up - we are working to get to everyone quickly.


Thank you