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Initial Sales Call Review Requested

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Initial Sales Call Review Requested


We signed up for service on 05/30/2019 and our service was activated on 06/06/2019. We are requesting a sales call review for the following reasons:

1. We were promised a substantially lower monthly rate, which is why we signed up - no real risk. This rate is reflected in our initial bill, but our last two bills reflect an entirely different monthly service charge amount. The service credit went from $50 to $10. I verified the notes I was taking during the initial call and he did indeed quote the other rate.

2. We were told we could stream netflix, etc. using the basic service - the sales representative stated we would be fine for every day use for two people. As of this billing cycle, we have already used our alottment and are well into our bonus data. We have not streamed netflix and I am only using the data for work-related items (email), an occasional YouTube video, and music.

3. It shows we are in a two year contract? We do not ecall being told we were committing to two years and would never have committed to this.

We appreciate you looking into this and resolving this matter. Thank you.

AL Brown



On #3 - I double-checked my notes, I see 2-year contract at the discounted pricing, not at the current rate we are being charged!


Hello @alisabrown,


Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear you believe you were misled during the sales call. I will review this call to confirm points #1 and #3 were correctly presented. For #3, since you agreed to the contract, this will remain valid regardless of the results. When it comes to the price at which you were promised, however, this will need to be investigated. In regards to your second point, this is not a valid reason for the call to be reviewed as data usage is circumstantial. The rep informed you that you can use the service every day for 2 people which is correct. Running out of data is not something that we cause and is in control of the user. With the tips and tricks that are listed throughout the community, everyone is more than capable of maintaining and reducing their data expenditure per month. If the rep instead promised you that a specific service or function we do not support would work, this would qualify as a valid reason. 


Please allow a full week for the investigation to be completed. Once this is done, I will private message you the results. Thank you for your patience in advance.



Thank you, @Damian. I would appreciate if you could still verify #3. We may have agreed to it, but not at that price point. Thank you! Lisa



Thank you for your patience while the call was being reviewed. I have private messaged you the results. Please refer there for information.



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@alisabrown wrote:

we have already used our alottment and are well into our bonus data.  

Bonus data is only used during during the 2AM to 8AM time period, and it is always used first, before any other data, during that time period.  It doesn't kick in after the Anytime data has been exhausted.     


In the following explanation of data bank usage, each successive data bank kicks in when the prior one has been exhausted.  Once all applicable data has been exhausted during the given time period, one becomes subject to the Fair Access Policy (FAP), with their speed being automatically reduced. 


8AM to 2AM:  Anytime data > Token data > FAP  

2AM to 8AM:  Bonus data > Anytime data > Token data > FAP

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