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Just got this upgrade email from hughes.. just to show how in touch they are

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New Member

Just got this upgrade email from hughes.. just to show how in touch they are

You would think a company of this type would at least extend the date they are offering the "special" for..  

By the way Hughes, I have no interest in a "$10" savings for 12 months when you are going to make me sign a 24 month contract!!!!   if you want me to upgrade, you gotta do better than that!!!!

Well that's embarrassing. I'll take care of this and send this to our marketing team. I'm sorry for the confusion, but thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!

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Assistant Professor

Probably copied previous offer and didn't update the expiration date. Pretty sure it is supposed to say the end of this month if they just sent it out. Minor mistake compared to things that really count.
New Poster

Mine has the same date on it, lol guess they want us to hurry and not wait an extra month, lol
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