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Lease Return Kit Box

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Lease Return Kit Box

On October 2017 I cancelled my HughesNet service and paid a $370 early termination fee.  Tough pill to swallow for slow service and lots of reason's beyond HughesNet control for slow service.  My favorite was a meteor storm near Nevada causing slow service in Michigan.  Sorry I degress...  I was told I would receive a Lease Return Kit box and not be charged for the equiptment.  I never received the box and on Dec. 27, 2017 was charged $318 for the equipment.  I called HughesNet customer service and "SAM" said the box as sent out in October and I should call UPS to find out where it is.  I asked SAM for a UPS tracking number.  He said he didn't have it, but if I called UPS they should be able to give it to me.  I told SAM that there was no way I could call UPS and tell them I was told by SAM at HughesNet that I was sent a box and what was the tracking number.  I said really SAM, who should I call at UPS to get the tracking number.   Finally after talking to SAM a little more he offered to send me another box.  So my question is... when I send back the equipment in the box can I even expect to get my $318 back.  Honestly I don't have a lot of faith in HughesNet, but at this point I don't have a lot of options.  My conversation with SAM has an ID number of 655642 and my account has an RMA# 302545107.    Sincerely Kraig

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Not to trivialize your experience or current issue in any way, but when I read, "He said he didn't have it, but if I called UPS they should be able to give it to me.", I laughed and realize that this is, quite possibly, the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard a CSR say.  Absolutely ludicrous.  😞  


I hope you're able to get the situation straightened out.   

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So SAM finally sent out the Lease Return Kit box and I sent the equipment back to HughesNet. Today 1-24-2018 I talked with Crystal in Texas from HughesNet and she was able to refund the $318 charge for returning the equipment. This has been an incredible learning experience.  First of all HughesNet is a horrible Internet service. Second, HughesNet has horrible customer service.  Most of the customer service representatives I dealt with were not equipted with the knowledge or information to do anything except read a script. The only bright light in this whole experience was Crystal who efficiently saw the box and been returned and processed a credit to my CC to return the $318.  I got an offer in the mail the other day for HughesNet, I couldn't contain my laughter. Goodbye HughesNet...and to the rest of've been warned.