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My account was terminated without my consent

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My account was terminated without my consent

I was charged a $175 termination fee. Please advise.


Hi southernsierra,


I will definitely look into this for you and see what is going on. I've already located your account and will be checking our call records. Your patience is appreciated.


Thank you,


Thanks Amanda. For reference, you can read the full saga of past and and present issues here:

I contacted the CEO of Huhgesnet earlier this week on Linkedin via an in-mail message regarding my issues and recieved this response:


Mr. Laws, we have received your email.  I will be looking into your complaint and will contact you after a review.  Thank-you.




Nancy Merette

Office of the President



I just spoke with Nancy, who is one of my superiors, and she let me know she will be handling your situation. Rest assured you are in very capable hands. If you need anything, please let me know.




Hi all,


Quick update on this:

- Hughesnet corporate called asking to hear my side of the saga of issues that I have been facing.

- Hughesnet corporate is researching my issues and will be following up with me on Monday.


Hi all,


I have been working with Hughesnet corporate on this issue. They issued me a credit for the termination fee and re-enabled my account.


Unfortunately I was charged a $25 reactivation fee -- but it appears they are working on getting me a proper resolution. Below is the saga of my issues:


To summarize:
- $418.09 paid for equipment in September

- Installer missed first appointment
- Installer missed second appointment
- Installer missed third appointment
- Installer finally arrives after 3 missed appointments and 3 lost weekends due to noshows
- Paid $60.32 on Oct 23rd for service
- Internet stops working and I contact tech support to get an installer out
- Paid $59.99 on Nov 23rd for service
- Installer misses appointment to fix, weekend lost
- Installer arrives and fixes dish
- Internet works for like 1 week
- Charged $192.50 for early termination on Dec 23
- Internet no longer works, I create threads on the Hughesnet community forum
- Hughesnet credits me $195.50 + $60 for the issues
- I was charged a $25 reactivation fee (lol - this makes no sense) and charged for Jan service for a total of $110.15 billed to me. Meanwhile, I have not had working internet in over a month.
- Internet still broken
Keep in mind my main residence is 3 hours away from the property, lol.