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Number released for porting

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Number released for porting

More than two years ago, I ported my landline over to HN and was generally happy with the service.  That is until the last several months.  I've been plagued by dropped calls.  They seemed to fix the issue once by replacing the modem and telephone device.  But they have returned.  I've decided I'm going to have to go back to the LEC.  I'll keep my HN internet since it works as expected. 


My question is this:  How do I go about getting HN to release my number to be ported back to the LEC?


Hi pacetree,


Does the local carrier have instructions on how to port numbers? Our porting instructions are pretty generic, wherein you keep your previous phone service where your desired phone number resides until you complete the porting process. So if you're leaving the HN Voice service for something else, I would believe the steps are the same. Check with your new carrier if they have a porting form you need to fill out to initiate the porting process. Once your number has been ported, then you can safely cancel your HN Voice service.



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