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Overpriced for non working internet

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Overpriced for non working internet

Hughes net is the wort internet i have ever had it is overpriced havent been able to watch Netflix hulu Disney plus I called to complain and all I was gettinv was .5 no where near the 25mps I know its not guaranteed but 93% less is ridiculous and the amount they charge is highway robbery also because I guess my device was working so hard it used all my data I sat on the phone for an hour and a half with someone troubleshooting and in the end to get no resolution and then they cut my internet off during the covid 19 pandemic because they want me to pay 192.00 and my son is homeschooled so he missed his finals that I have to now see if he can make up i shouldn't have to pay all that money for internet that is mediocre i even had the modem plugged into TV hard wired and still wouldn't work this was the worst decision I have ever made I had DSL with a wireless modem it may of lagged a little but at least i can qatch a movie will be going back to my DSL at least my kids can watch Netflix
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Re: Overpriced for non working internet



When your HughesNet is back on, you'll need to run some speed tests to begin troubleshooting your speed issue.  The instructions for those tests are here.  Please be sure to read through the instructions thoroughly before running any of the tests, as tests run improperly won't be of value.  After you've run some tests you should start a new topic in Tech Support about the speed issues and post your "My Results" page URL so that the test results can be viewed.  You can start a new Tech Support topic here.  


As for data issues, there is a test that can be performed to determine whether there is a data leak, and there are steps that can be taken to help your devices use as little data as possible on their own.  This would also be addressed in Tech Support, and in the same topic as your speed issues, if you like.  


When it comes to billing, the HughesNet reps will have to help you with this.  They're on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST, though there is occasionally one on during the evening.  You'll likely see a reply from one tomorrow.

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