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Re: sales call

My original sales call with 3rd party sales associate was less than truthful, If someone would please listen to the call....I told them that I stream Hulu live tv and asked will it support that. They said yes 25 download will easily work, they also told me when we dial you back it will drop to 10-15 , I said great Hulu tech support said i need around 10 download speed.....after 3 weeks of no luck running Hulu, a supervisor told me it dials back to 1-2 ...... that's fine but I was lied to on the initial call, so i dropped my current provider and then had to drop Hulu and get Dish Network......1-2 is so slow I can't even check email at times......listen to the call, they lied to me and something should be done.

Hello @bkd,


Thank you for contacting us again. I am sorry to hear you believe you were misled. I will review the sales call and provide you the results via private message. Please allow up to a full business week for this investigation to be completed. Thank you for your patience in advance. 




Thank you, i think you will be shocked bu what i was told


Thank you for your patience while this investigation was being completed. I have private messaged you the results from this investigation. Please refer there for information. 


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Edit:  Rep replied while I was typing.