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Service not what sales claimed it would be.

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Service not what sales claimed it would be.

I’ve had Hughesnet over a month and it’s worthless to me.  The salespeople asked me to describe what I do online, which I did, some YouTube videos, spots streaming and some movies.  It does none of that, zero.  Where’s the “high speed Internet” they advertise & promise? Where’s the “broadband”?

I check speed and get 1.1-1.3 mbps download.  Where’s that 25mbps.  
I want this service terminated and all monies refunded. Send a shipping label for the equipment which will be returned.  
Can’t even watch a you tube video, without numerous interruptions, some last so long I just give up.

the sales people lied, the advertising lies.

If you really have the sales calls recorded, you can see that I was told this service would work fine for my needs.  
im formally requesting my service be terminated based on breach of contract, lying sales staff and false advertising.  
hopefully won’t have to get a small claims judgement.  

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Time will reveal the answer. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Thanks, @Brayhaven .  If you find it, I'd love to read it, if you could provide a link. 

I’ll see if I can find it again. Read a lot of different info.


I give up.  This is worse than no Internet.  We quit trying to use it a week ago and just use our phones.  Wife can’t even stream a you tube video on crafting.  We tried to stream a football game Saturday night. For every minute of game there was 1-2 minutes of “buffering” and when the game was on it was pixelated to the point you couldn’t find the ball or even tell which team was which.  The sales people asked what I used internet for and I told them some movie streaming, some you tube videos and a few sporting events on Roku.  They said this plan would work fine. It dies not work at all.   I’ve tried the suggestions and still didn’t work.  
To add insult to injury, when I went on the app, they said I only had 12% left and needed to buy “tokens” to keep this “high speed Internet” going.  😂😂😂

I’m through here.  Where do I send this stuff back to and what needs to be shipped?


outa here.  

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"Where do I send this stuff back to and what needs to be shipped?"

You will need to cancel the service first. To cancel, you need to call 866-347-3292. If you want your account to be cancelled immediately, let them know; otherwise your account will cancel at the end of the current account period. 
You will get a kit to return the equipment after the account is canceled; you will need to put the equipment in the box they send; the box is already addressed and stamped. There is an extra charge for not returning the equipment. 

EDIT: the return kit will come with instructions as to what you need to send back. 



Thank you for your patience! Upon review of the sales call, there wasn't found to be any mention of a guaranteed speed or guaranteed streaming. It was stated that you "rarely stream anything", and may occasionally stream a football game or Youtube video. The agent gave information on data limits and speeds, as it is stated per each sales call. The agent stated that streaming these should work well. There was not found to be misinformation provided through the call. Due to this, the associated ETF charged is applicable. Please let us know if you have further questions.