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Showing Token Usage Would Be Helpful


Showing Token Usage Would Be Helpful

My wife and I are both teleworking. Since starting, we are running over the last few days of each month. I have tokens availabel and are using them, but once I've purchased them, I can't see how much token usage there is.  There's just an idiot light (a green check mark) showing the token usage is in use.


It would be really helpful if I could see how much of the token coverage there is so I could purchase just enough to tide me over.  


Being the nerd I am, I do have a spreadsheet that allows me to graph daily usage.  It will even "fill in" the usage if I don't update the numbers every day. This spreadsheet does help me track usage compared to a daily average of data available. I can see how much I'm running over/under with month to date usage. For this month, I was able to guesstimate how many tokens to buy.   While I'm not happy with the data restrictions, I'm buying the equivalent of one week's worth of gas for just one of us that we would be using to commute to work.

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Re: Showing Token Usage Would Be Helpful

That's a great idea.

Right now all you can see (using SCC or app) is how much data you have left in your token data. 

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Re: Showing Token Usage Would Be Helpful



If you bring up the HughesNet Usage Meter and click on Usage, you can see how much Token data you've used by hovering over a particular day, and comparing that to the day prior.  Granted, it's only by day, but you can still see how much token data you've used in a 24 hour period, and longer if you compare wider dates.  


You can also do this by signing into the HughesNet My Account site, hovering over My Account and clicking on the Usage tab, then clicking View History on the Usage screen.  


Granted, neither of these are real time like the Service Plan and Bonus Zone data graphs, but it'll at least give you a daily idea.  And you can, of course, see how much banked Token data you have remaining at the same places you can see your regular data levels, as in the Usage Meter, the Usage page on the My Account site and the System Control Center.

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