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I entered into contract with HughesNet on January 13th, 2018. I had to place my first customer service call on January 14th due to the inability to use my internet service as agreed to in my contract. I view Netflix through a Wii device and am unable to get through a 20 minute program without atleast 6 rounds of buffering and several “unable to load” messages. My Facebook videos on my phone won’t play without constant buffering. It took over 2 hours to watch an episode of Game of Thrones on Hulu, it would play for a minute or two and then buffer for 3. I was told on that first call to customer service that they would send a tech out, the first appointment got cancelled by the technician and a new appointment was scheduled for January 25th. The technician arrived and after running some tests said that everything on their end was running fine, that he was sorry but here wasn’t anything he could help me with. I called customer service on the night of January 25th and asked to cancel my service without early termination fees since the product they were able to provide me with was not satisfactory. The CSR had me run an hour worth of tests only to tell me that my case would have to be sent to the engineering department. I sent an email on January 27th explaining my situation and asking to cancel my service without fees, I was told that they could not help me, that I would have to call in. I received a phone call from the engineering department on January 31st and was told again that I was getting sufficient speeds, that I could reboot my modem and it would start saving codes if there were any problems. I sent a message on FB, at this time I was trying any means of communication to get through to someone. They directed me to join this community so a moderator could help me. I entered into a contract where HughesNet was made fully aware of what I would be needing the service for, I was not told that the service you provide would not be sufficient to support that. I feel like I was misled by your representative. I would like to receive assistance canceling my account with no early termination fees as I have not been able to adequately use your service, at no fault of my own, since the first day of having your company as an internet provider. Thank you.
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A question:  Have you tried pausing, or turning OFF, the Video Data Saver when streaming?  If not, this may solve the problem.  


What is Video Data Saver?


I'm not a rep, so I'm only asking you about this particular thing. 


Keep in mind that streaming, especially in HD, uses a LOT of data.   


I am having the same problem. Service installed on Jan 28 and i cant use it for anything i got it for. I wanted the bundle with directv, internet and phone and was told i had to use hughesnet. I found out i coukd use att which is already my cell provider. Since the sattelite was hooked up my cell booster wont work now i cant make phone calls either only text. This service is horrible and want out. I was told i could set servive up with hughes first then call the tv provider and get the bundle. Had i talked to the tv provider first i would not be stuck with this hughesnet service that wont work. They told me that everything looks good on their end and i have horrible speed and cant use netflix or wifi calling. Reason i got it. Had i gone with directv and att i could use everything i need and have a way cheaper bill and better speeds. I only got this for my mom staying with me for a while and she cant even use it for her needs. I need out and i am on a limited income. Very unfair to not have a trial period.

I cant afford the termination fees nor can i afford the service that doesnt work for my needs. As i need to pay for a servive that works unstead of this.