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The new graphs are awful. Will you be returning to the old ones?

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Christine Brode
New Member

The new graphs are awful. Will you be returning to the old ones?

I have teenager daughters who are inconsiderate. I need to be able to go back day by day, hour by hour to show them where they went crazy on the Internet . The new graphs just are not doing it. First off they take forever to load.(if they load at all) Second they do not have the option to look at each date conviently it is look at the day, week, or month. I used to go back and show them "on the 13th as soon as you got home from school you used 1/8 of the months Internet , you need to pay for the token or you are off" now it won't load and it is harder to show them an hour by hour account for what they have been doing all month. It's sad that I have to watch the graphs that much but since you guys won't offer us the ultra plan my daughters would use all the internet up in 3 days if I let them. It would really help if you went back to the old graphs.
Larry Lewis1
New Member

AMEN !!!!!!!!

I have a similar need.  I monitor my usage very carefully, and CAN get good value for my bucks, if I am very careful. That "new and improved" graph needs to be hidden about 7 mouse clicks deep where NO ONE ever can find it. It is THAT useless, as compared to the old stuff.  

 Actually the sat internet worked very  well with HUGHES / HUGHES for 2 years, and continued for 4 more months AFTER I switched to HUGHES / FRONTIER.  IT is still HUGHES as evidenced by the Hughes logo on the HT1100 modem.  

I think Hughes is not a very honorable company, at foundation, and that this is an attempt to obfuscate and make monitoring our data MORE Difficult than it is.  

This is the OPPOSITE of my forgiving nature and this harsh comment is NOT made in a vacuum.   

Since the internet worked quite well for 28 months, since then, July 2015, it has been the Internet service from hell.  

Hughes has been "TAKING" Gigabytes of data, WHILE MY LAN CABLE IS DISCONNECTED, WRONGLY attributing it to me, and absolutely over 9 months of time will not give me the "TIME OF DAY" - any credibility, or even any benefit of the doubt, and accuses ME of lying.  And by extension, of wasting about 250 hours of my LIFE, thinking I was trying to help THEM with an odd systemic problem, which they will absolutely not admit exists.  

Right, AMANDA?   Hughes Tier 3 techs has tried to pull that one yesterday and today, by parroting "IT"S YOUR SON,"  when he CANNOT be part of the DDDD problem 80-90% of the time as I have testified.  This "parroting' was done by Hughes techs to Frontier - about me lying. Fortunately, Frontier isn't buying it.  Maybe they are honorable, unlike Hughes.  

It will be interesting if Frontier, whom Amanda told me to go through, can fix this long-standing DDDD problem when the "BEST" and brightest Hughes "engineers" could not.   

IF i am NOT wrong, lying, or in other manner misleading about any of the 9 months of Data Drain / Phantom Usage, an apology from the highest levels AT HUGHES - NOT FRONTIER, is in order, at the very minimum.

Oh, and by the way, 400MB gone in 3 hours, 11 pm through 2 am last night.   WHILE MY LAN CABLE (no router) was hanging in the air, as usual during these DDDD events, and the SCC - INFO - Diagnostics - Hourly Usage of the SATELLITE DATA - show WRONG connect and disconnect LAN indications. I would think, after reporting this probably 2 dozen times, that SOMEONE at Hughes would CARE.  Evidently not.  They just do not believe me.  

Thank you, 

-Larry in Nordman, Idaho

Hi Christine,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! There are currently no plans to go back to our old usage chart. However this is something that we'll inform our engineers is missed by customers. Hopefully this can be re implemented, because I can certainly see how useful it is. We appreciate the feedback 

- Chris