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They refused contract cancellation after bad service

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They refused contract cancellation after bad service



I like to share my recent really bad experience with this provider.


After 1,5y I want to get rid of their crappy service. Several times I complained about bad performance, low download rates etc. The only thing they did was checking the modem and after it doesn't get fixed offering a discount to the monthly fee. In April+May volumes goes faster then we could understand due to moderate usage, so I decided to cancel the service.


I called their help desk, of course they checked the modem, of course they offered their new Gen5 product and try to stick me as a customer. I refused want to cancel, even I had to pay early termination fees. After the call the line was disconnected, which was the confirmation to me that the cancellation was processed.


Now after returning from out-of-country I recognized that they are still charging for the service even the modem is not active, the phone number is ported to another provider and the services was definatly not used. Their statement "cancellation was not confirmed on your last call, must me an overlapping technical outage of the service, from ourt point of view service is still active - no way to discuss a discount on the early termination, so I have to pay $550 intoal to cancel the service".


Very bad experience after 2 years
- crappy performance
- bad customer support
- very expensive


WARNING: Don't signup with them!


Cheers, Markus

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Same happend to me. I never received the service quality they are promissing. Download rates were far far way, ping times horriable. I was sticking with them, because there was no other ISP at my location. Now they still want to have the early termination fee. Today I spent 1h on the line incl. talking to the manager, becaused I didn't received a written confirmation and they explained me that they are unable to send it again. I received their promotions, the request to do another service, but surprise surprise the cancellatio confirmation gets lost. 


The provide the most worst customer experience I ever experienced. They were unable to fix any reported probnlems (technical or account related), that sucks. Now I have to pay anoth $170 to get rid of the **bleep**.


They gave me the number of the CEO: DIal a 301, then 428 and then 5500, everyone should complain there so they understand they need to work on their customer service!

The system refuses to put the CEO's number here in regular format, so I changed it to 301...

Associate Professor

As I stated in another topic in reply to your post, that is the corporate number, it's not meant to be used as a support number, and certainly doesn't take you directly to the CEO.  The moderators that work on this website on weekdays are corporate employees.