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Upgrade charge is ridiculous!!

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Upgrade charge is ridiculous!!

I have been a customer for several years now. And that's because Hughes Net is my only choice where I live right now. I called to upgrade my service to the new "BETTER JUPITER SERVICE" and was told it would cost me $300 for the upgrade. That's for a tech to come out and put a new dish on my house and a new modem inside. I  asked if there was way to get the free installation like they advertised for a new customer. Nope! Not for a loyal existing customer. $300!!! I could cancel my service when the contract is over and then come back as a new customer to get the free installation. This is by far the worst internet service I've ever dealt with! I wish I had another choice. 🤨

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Actually, you'd have to wait at least 45 days after the cancellation of your current service to sign up as a new customer. 


The free installation deals are to attract new customers. It costs money to not only pay the subcontractor to come to your home and perform the installation, but also for the parts that aren't included in the equipment lease, as you're only leasing the modem and radio, not the dish, the pole and all of the hardware required to install it. If the only thing required for the upgrade was swapping the modem, the upgrade would likely be free to existing customers as well. 


HughesNet is no different in this than countless other companies that offer services that require professional equipment installation. New customers always get the best deals. 

Yes I understand they have to pay the tech to come out to my house. But $300 to change the dish on my roof, which they will most likely use the same screws from the old one, and to unplug the old modem and plug in the new one, using the same lines already installed, is not $300 worth of hardware and work. Heck, the new install fee was only $150. So I'm sorry but no matter how much you feel you need to defend them you just can't convince me that this is even close to right! More should be done to keep their existing customers happy too!

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Would you like the Hughesnet corporate reps on this site to look at your situation and see if they can help? This site being for technical support and billing/account support and not for reviews or venting, you'd best serve your own interests if you asked the reps to help you. They are higher up the food chain in the corporate structure and may be able to do something for you.


While this is likely not guaranteed, what have you got to lose? If they say they can do nothing, you'll be in the same situation you are now. But they might have some kind of offer for you.  Don't give up; ask for help. You're in the best place for that. 


Yes, I would absolutely like to see if the corporate reps can help! Can you please tell me how I contact a corporate rep? When I call it's obviously not a corporate representative, they are the ones that tell me it's $300 and will offer nothing else. Believe me, I've asked. So any direction you can help me with would be greatly appreciated!

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When you call, you get a lower tier of reps; they can do a lot, but their authority to make some decisions may be limited. The corporate reps are actually on this site (though not 24/7), and hopefully one will get back to you today or ASAP.  Keep in mind, though, that like @GabeU said, discount offers and other goodies are for new customers only, which you are not. I still think that asking could be beneficial to you. 


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Thanks for reaching out! It seems these are your first posts. Welcome to the Community! I was able to get your account pulled up through your Community profile, which is great! Upon looking into previous call notes, it seems we have an open case that's been escalated. Our escalation team has been attempting to reach out, and as recently as today left a voicemail with instructions on how to reach them. Please let us know if you've received these voicemails, and if you're able to reach our escalation team!