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Why is HughesNet keeping us in the dark about upgrades that could save us money

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Why is HughesNet keeping us in the dark about upgrades that could save us money

I've been with HughesNet for over 3 years now. It got to the point to where I needed to purchase their highest data plan available, but was still running out of data by the middle of the month and having to purchase their tokens, which would put me paying a bill of at least $600 a month. I did that for about a year and numerous times I tried to speak to someone about it but all they would say is this is the highest plan that we offer. It wasn't until I called them and I demanded that they give me a higher data plan over and over again and then finally the person that I was on the phone with transferred me to another department. All of a sudden they had a higher data plan that would have had me paying only $187 a month versus the $600 a month and now we don't run out of internet. It's so shady though that nothing was offered during those 12 months but instead just kept accepting these hugely ridiculous overpayments of $600 a month! Seriously!

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Do you have an account issue you need the Hughesnet reps on this site check into?  Your post appears to be a review of the service, and this is not a site for reviews. There are many sites on the Web where you can review the service; this one is just not one of them. 

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There's nothing shady about it. Not all service plans are available in all areas. It's based on individual beam/gateway system load. Most people don't spend hundreds on data tokens, and the fact that you were doing so is likely why a higher department made an exception and offered a plan normally not available in your service area.


It's not HughesNet's fault that you use so much data.